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You’ll notice the template has changed … while the black backgrounds made photos look good (generally), white-on-black gets hard to read after a while. Hopefully this’ll be a little easier on the eyes.

Of course, I suspect many of you aren’t actually here reading this as you’re using an RSS reader of some sort … right?

Also note over there in the right column a “twit this” button – if you’re on, you can now tell everyone exactly when – and what – you’re reading. (Hint: if you click it from the main page, it sends people to the main page. If you click on an entries headline first, then on the “twit this” button, you can show them exactly what you’re reading.)



  1. Those of us using RSS still have to click through because you’re on summary feed (hint, hint).

  2. Hint taken … and updated.

  3. I like the new look. And in that invisible car you’re driving … is that a baseball bat on your shoulder? Logically I suppose it must be a tripod, but it sort of looks like bat … like ur gone 2 crack sum heds!

  4. Actually, it’s my tie, blowing in the window’s breeze … doesn’t work as well small as it does larger.

    Bigger version at …

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