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Okay, some of you know how much I loved and miss my Leica. It’s a great camera, but it is not a camera for amateurs … even if the amateur happens to be one of the greatest guitar players to ever live … or a famous celebrity who I wouldn’t notice walking down the street if not for her outrageous wardrobe.

Hope that makes your day, too.



  1. I am adding this story to the “Get off the photo line!” facebook group.

    i like that one person’s comment about playing the guitar while it is still in the case. lol

  2. Did you see the story in American Photo about Photographers Who Rock? Apparently lots of them do.

    As for Posh… well, at least the lens cap filled the frame and was a clean background…

  3. Okay, Lindy – that made me laugh.

    And I’m a fan of Mark Seliger’s Rusty Truck band. Look it up.

  4. That would be cute…except that Mrs. Beckham left the lens cap on…silly Brits.

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