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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Some sent, some found. (Are you trying to hide these from me or something?)

Rusty Bailey – no photos, yet. (Right?)
Tyler Goforth
Waites Laseter


Sort of … Dr. Kaye Sweetser points out that here is now a scholarship for bloggers … and, at $10,000, it’s, like, real money. (I’m SO going after my undergrad degree again with this.)

More details details are on the site.

The Las Vegas Sun has videos – and Flickr photo feed – up from this year’s Burning Man festival. This goes well beyond what a “normal” broadcast station would do on this type of story – it has the traditional journalistic narrator, as well as interviews, but adds text and stop-motion style photography to the package.

It’s smooth, sophisticated – and integrates well. You have videos, slide shows, maps, panoramas and blog posts, all collected together.

Sara Guevara is now online (again) and posting.

Who’s next?

Slots still available for the SportsShooter Academy Boot Camp in early November.

Kelly Wegel has joined us in the blogosphere … where are the rest of you?

What an odd pairing, but … the New Yorker has a piece on the Leica M-series of cameras.

Outside the realm of photojournalism but certainly a legal issue many of us are dealing with … a blogger (who’s a laywer, of all things) had a photo of one of his kids lifted from Flickr and dropped onto a post on (a parenting site) – a post about child lead poisoning.

So, aside from the copyright violation (even under a “creative commons” license you usually can’t use the image on a commercial site), an instance like this could become a libel case. By associating that child’s parent or guardian with lead poisoning, it’s implying some level of negligence.

Didn’t see anything about this until today …

The Broad Street Gallery in Athens has a show up called “Snap to Grid,” on Brett MacFadden’s experimental typography.

Show runs through Sept. 28, I’m going to wander over there soon …, a web site for travelers, is starting up a competition for college photographers and writers. You’ll need to create a login to see the contest bits, may be worth your time if you’ve got some images in your archives. (Login requirements removed.)

(As an aside, editor David Miller has some UGA/Grady ties and had us take a look at some of the language before this went public.)