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They have dabbled, they have played. They have experimented.

Now, they’ve figured out some stuff …

In Wednesday’s edition, they broke a story about a faculty member with a history of sexual harassment charges having been filed against him, dating back almost 20 years. They also created an infographic timeline that ran on page one. Online they posted the documents they collected during their reporting.

In Thursday’s edition, they reported on a meeting with university officials. And they included a link to the audio they recorded along the right hand side (below the photo). And they posted a video of student responses to the issue.

So, let’s sum this up: They reported the story and then presented their readers with a series of “traditional” text stories, an infographic, the original source documentation, audio from a follow-up meeting with officials and a video of student responses.

There was a lot of thinking going on with this and this is a nice model of how to bring multiple tools to bear on a story.


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