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My good friend Scott Bryant at the Statesboro (Ga.) Herald sent along a link to an audio slide show he did on the first Georgia Southern game of the season. He said he’d been asked to get more fans into the paper and didn’t want to do just another gallery of cheering people.

But what do you think? Does it move the needle a bit on how these can be done? And, if so, which way?


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  1. I like the way this was done, but I will say I’m starting to see a shift in our field that scares me. Instead of telling compelling stories visually, some people think it is more important to just shoot a lot of people, tell them where your from, and hope they will go to your website in search of there photo. This is the equivelant of being a cheezy event photographer who shoots strangers and sells them the photos through photoshelter or something like that. I worry that photos sales will start to be more important than good quality photos that tell a story. I guess we’ll see.

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