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We’re getting close to that time of the year, the time when many of my students will start fretting about graduating. And it’s not so much the Becoming a Real Person Dilemma as it is what do I need to buy?

I say it often – we do a great thing here at UGA in providing gear to our students. It completely eliminates an economic barrier to taking the classes and finding your passion. But it also means the students don’t have to buy anything or start building their kits. So when their last class ends and they have to hand back the kit, they go into a bit of withdrawal. Or, more accurately, they go into shock over what it costs to build their own.
David McIntyre over at Black Star Rising has a short post on the basic gear a freelancer needs and it’s a great starting point for a discussion that will go on for a few weeks here.

Any students interested in going to the Southern Short Course in News Photography need to see me ASAP – we have some funding to help you go. Meaning, it won’t cost you much to learn and schmooze in Charlotte for a few days.

Really, why wouldn’t you go?

So, Leica is well known for special edition cameras that commemorate all kinds of things (such as the M6J, the MP Herm├ęs or the Royal Wedding M6), but this is just silly … for $180, you can get a White Stripes Special Edition Holga or Diana camera (turn down your volume before clicking).

Current price of a Holga online: about $20.

Act Now! Only 3,000 examples have been made!

Sort of … Dr. Kaye Sweetser points out that here is now a scholarship for bloggers … and, at $10,000, it’s, like, real money. (I’m SO going after my undergrad degree again with this.)

More details details are on the site.

Yes, in the POSTAL mail, not the electronic kind, came a flier (who sends fliers) from Penn Camera advertising … film and paper supplies for students. And a Promaster 2500PK camera and lens package for $169.95.

Granted, there are inkjet supplies on here, too. And if you’re still shooting film some of these deals look good. But … mailing a flier for film? The irony is itchy.

Penn Camera is a great shop – I’ve done a lot of business with them over the last 15 years (including a stint working for them), so I’ll let this pass now. If you’re in the market for film, chemistry or darkroom supplies, I’ll post the flier in the lab.

So far, I’ve heard from one student who entered the Apple Insomnia Photo Festival competition – so, go vote for Danielle Hutlas’ image.

(And if there are more of you, let me know and I’ll plug your work, too.)

Want a new MacBook Pro, 80 GB iPod and a copy of Aperture? Then plan on being wide awake for 24 hours starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 27, for Apple’s Insomnia Photo Festival. Register in advance and at 5 p.m. Apple will give out the info on what to shoot.

Pay close attention to the details on how to submit – sizing and what not are on the web site. All photos need to be shot in that 24 hour time span and processed on an Apple MacIntosh. (I’m sensing a Saturday afternoon gathering at the R&B …)

I’ve perused the terms and conditions – you are giving Apple the rights to use your photo and likeness, but only in connection with promoting the competition. Not a bad deal, IMHO.

Google has a beta program to print all of your Gmail correspondence and mail it to you. Attachments? Those, too – and if you’re emailing photos around, then you’ll get those printed on high quality paper.

Limited time offer, I suspect – just today.

National Geographic is running a membership/subscription special – $15 for a year of the yellow-boxed magazine. That’s, what, three cups of coffee? (I don’t know, I still don’t drink coffee. Working on that.) The magazine is still one of the preeminent photojournalism publications, and you get all kinds of cool maps, too.

Why haven’t you clicked over there yet?