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Former student Tom O’Connor forwarded along a New York Times story about sports organizations wrestling with the blogging world. Do they credential them? Do they limit their online “reporting?”

There’s a word you don’t here much anymore. Mainframe. It dates back to the time when all computing was done on a centralized machine and you fed information into it via either punch cards or “dumb terminals.”

The 1980s saw the explosion of the desktop computer and, since then, every 18 months computing power has doubled for the same cost. (A variation on Moore’s Law.) Heck, your cell phone probably has more memory and computing power than my first computer (which was, for the record, a Commodore 128 with the 300 baud modem, 80 character monitor and an external 5.25 inch disk drive).

Now, we do all of our processing on our own machines – everything from word processing and spread sheets to video and photo editing. Will we continue to?

That’s a big question. Google Docs has moved two of those activities online. (Haven’t played with it? If you’re in any sort of organization that does collaborative works, it’s a great tool. And free.) We now store photos online, too.

And, now, Adobe has introduced Photoshop Express – an online version of Photoshop. You upload your photos to their server, send a series of editing commands and it pushes the edited image back to your screen.

Which is kind of like, oh, I don’t know … a mainframe computer?

Passing this along … looks like we could submit up to three packages/essays for consideration.

From the 18th till the 21st of June 2008 the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover organizes in cooperation with the German organization of photojournalists FreeLens the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism on the expo area in Hannover. Photography students and young professionals from all over the world will show their reportages and series in over 60 exhibitions.

Your university is welcome to participate in this event. With this festival, its numerous exhibitions and its attractive program with many international stars of the photojournalism branch, we would like to improve the communication between the international photography schools and give young photographers a wide audience.

We would be pleased, if you submit interesting journalistic projects to apply for one of the 60 exhibition spaces until the 28th of February 2008. For that purpose we are searching for reportages containing 15-30 pictures with a theme of your free choice. In addition to this, the best reportage will receive the Award for Young Photojournalism endowed with eur5.000 founded by FreeLens.

For more information, please look in the enclosed newsletter. You can also visit our webpage

If someone’s interested, let me know and I’ll explore further.

Mindy McAdams, right, and Andrew DeVigal at the Convergence for College Educators at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg.