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Category Archives: Graphic Design

Okay, it’s a bit geeky … but this video by Peter Belanger of how a MacWorld magazine cover gets shot, edited and designed is kind of cool. And you thought the stop, pan, blur assignment took a lot of time …


So says Khoi Vinh in this New York Review of Ideas story, “Black, White and Read Online.” Can user interface design save journalism?

The New York Times‘ Lens blog has a selection of images up by Michael Wolf of Chicago architecture – and the visual formations are stunningly cool (particularly the last frame). There’s even a legal note appended to the piece that talks about privacy issues – something we as journalists deal with a lot.

So asks Jacek Utko at this year’s TED conference.

It’s not a typo – it’s Little Red Riding Hood done as a Flash infographic.

South of Here is a collection of multimedia pieces produced by students from the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Facultad de Communicaciòn at the Universidad de los Andes in Santidago, Chile. 

An interesting mix of storytelling – audio slide shows, videos and Flash animations. 

This … this … this is what multimedia can do so well

The New York Times, the Gray Lady, has put together a nearly 14-minute long tour-de-force looking at the presidential campaign. It is a stunning combination of photos, videos, audio, graphics and narrations. 
It is a complete package. 
How complete? Pay attention to the “Related Links” box below the main screen It changes throughout, offering up links to other stories the Times has done. But look closely – you can click right now and away from the may piece, or you can save them for later and watch them AFTER you’re done with the main piece
And that is brilliant conceptual storytelling, the melding of the push and pull formats in journalism. 

The New York Times has a new subsection that lets you look at news stories visually. I could lose days on this … 

Wow … this is … different … 

Images of the newly-redesigned paper are available on the VisualEditors site, and they are a departure from almost everything I’ve ever seen in a newspaper. 
Will have to follow this closely …

Okay, this is kind of geeky and really only the hard-core designers will like it, but … it is funny.