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I have received a deluge of very strange emails of late (and some of them may be mocked soon on a post here), but this one’s legit:

As many of you know, the Associated Press offers a highly competitive intern program each year. A minimum of two of the positions are offered to photographers or photo editors. The application deadline for the summer 2010 program is Nov. 13, 2009. There is additional information on our website under the careers tab at the bottom.

I’m still not sure how to reply to the guy who has twin 10-month-old girls he wants portraits of but apparently is afraid photo studios are laced with swine flu … it’s been that kind of week.


Mother Nature News is looking for an intern/campus corespondent – details are online here. Unpaid, but if you’re interested in what they’re doing it may be worth considering.

This is an ideal internship for anyone interested in a career in writing, editing or environmental issues as this will be hands-on, real-life experience. MNN combines unconventional and lively original content alongside breaking environmental news from around the web. From wilderness issues to green technology, from politics to sustainable living — if the topic is of interest to people who love the environment, chances are, we write about it.


Internship Description

Are you interested in media and journalism?
Do you think campus media could do a better job of serving students?
Do you wish coverage of student issues and activism was better?
Are you interested in playing a formative role in a growing organization?

Join the effort to improve campus journalism nationwide and apply for an internship with the National Student News Service!

About the National Student News Service
We believe that the media have a duty to serve their communities—and on campus, that means students. We are working to promote and produce news stories that (1) focus on issues of student concern, (2) explore the actions that students are taking on and off campus, and/or (3) promote investigative journalism in the campus media. We produce a weekly news digest, provide ongoing trainings in critical journalism skills, and work with student journalists across the country to build a national network of student newspapers.

About Our Internships
Our interns are primarily responsible for the production of the NSNS Newswire, but our interns are involved in all aspects of what we do. This means monitoring news outlets, writing articles, conducting research projects, and helping to build our organization through networking and outreach. We also offer leadership roles within our organization, and we are interested in matching your individual strengths and interests with our service’s many needs. Some specific leadership opportunities we offer include:

Copy Editor. The copy editor ensures we’re at the top of our game, making certain our content is clear, informative, and free of errors.

Content Editor. The content editor develops a running list of fallback article topics (and angles) on student movements, administrative trends, and legislative happenings nationwide.

Recruitment Coordinator. The recruitment director works with internship offices and career centers across the country to manage our internship program and works to recruit the next wave of NSNS staff.

Webmaster. The webmaster runs our website and Twitter, and maintains our Facebook page.

And more!

To Apply:
Send resume, cover letter, and a short writing sample (500 words or less) to: .


As a reminder, the application deadline for the White House Internship Program’s Spring 2010 session is Sunday, September 20. Please encourage your students to apply.

A White House Internship provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office and prepare them for future public service opportunities.

Our mission is to make the “People’s House” accessible to future leaders all around the nation and cultivate and prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities. Encourage your students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!


The White House Internship Program

Okay, I admit I haven’t read this as a whole, but I read all of the pieces as Mindy McAdams, Flash Goddess, posted them over the last year or so. She’s now compiled a 42 page PDF of her advice on stepping up your online journalism game. Given the thoroughness and inventiveness of her past work, this is a Must Read.

And it’s FREE. Yes, all that knowledge, FOR FREE. Because she cares about journalism, that’s why.

Are portraits “threatening to become the photographic stable of the newspaper business?” In some places, they already are.

Every now and then, Mindy McAdams, Flash Goddess, writes something that makes me want to go enroll at the University of Florida so I can take her classes.

Of course, then I realize that my University of Georgia colleagues would execute me on Grady College’s front lawn and my alma mater, the really cool (okay, mostly frozen) Syracuse University wouldn’t look kindly on me changing my shade of orange …

Regardless, I’ve been thinking about online or digital portfolios the last few months, how to incorporate their construction into my classes. (And I’ve done it this semester with one class, though they haven’t realized it yet). But reading Mindy’s post about building a personal brand has me really rolling over those scattered ideas of the last few months, trying to link them into something useful. Something I can hand to my students, in some form, and help them make their digital mark on the world.

And it has me wondering what my digital portfolio looks like now, as I write in about eight different places, Twitter over here, photo blog over there … is it time for all of it to come under one roof? Do I blend the academic, automotive and visual sides of my life into one giant smoothie? Can I preach something I haven’t practiced?

Far afield of what we tend to do in the photojournalism realm, but this mini-documentary shows how Alexx Henry used the Red One camera to shoot an entirely new form of movie poster.

CNN has apparently modified a Flip camera with a fisheye lens and is giving you – yes you!a tour of their work space

Nice to see they’re using technology to save journalism …

(Okay, that was pretty snarky, and it is kind of cool …)

Embedded video from CNN Video

The Southeastern Professional Photographers Association’s 2009 convention is being held later this week in Athens. Some things work looking into.